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Things to be printed on your reprap

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Since a few years I have a legendary KORN & MACWAY SERVO-SOUND Cybernetic preamplifier with its 2 active speakers.
But unfortunately I only own one of the 2 proprietary cables so I'm unable to listen to it (or only on 1 of the 2 speakers).
And these cables are nearly impossible to find (I've been searching a lot and never found one).

So I decided to make another one by myself...

Servo-sound connection

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Bulgarian souvenirs

I recently modeled a few things from my last 3 months trip to Bulgaria.
I hope you will like them...

Peyo Yavorov 3D sculpture

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Happy birthday !

My friend Cedric had his 40th birthday party yesterday.
I decided to offer him a 3D sculpture of himself when he was 30.

And here is how I did it...

Cedric 3D sculpture

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New year giveaway designs

In the last years I made several designs that I never published or shared.

To start this new year 2014 I decided to share them with you... Happy printing !


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Screaming Hand 3D sculpture

I have allways loved skateboard and I still do !
And I also like very much skate designs...

Now to be honest I feel like I'm just getting too old to go back in a skate park or even to try some nice "ollie flip" in a street session...


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UP! yours

This is my last ABS print on UP!

Fucking gnome (meshlab render)

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Z switch touch probe

Leveling the Rapman's bed to ensure it's perfectly parallel to the XY toolhead's plane is something important.
Until now, like a lot of people I guess, I was doing it "by eye", trying to achieve a thickness of about 3 sheets of paper (hot-end/bed distance) where the 3 leveling bolts are placed (back left and right corners + middle front).
It usually is enough for classic 3D printing.

But as I allready said, for pen-plotting and especially for milling, it's important to insure that the bed is perfecly leveled. Or at least as perfect as it can be.
So we're going to need a more "scientific" way to make sure the bed is at an equal distance to the toolhead (at least at these 3 leveling points).

And I think there is an easy way...

Touch-probe (mounted)

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Fine printing with ABS

I usually print with a layer thickness of 0.4mm and I'm happy with that.
The print quality is correct, and the print time is acceptable (though it's never fast enough...).

But I know that a Rapman can do better than that. So let's ask it a bit more and see what it can do...

ABS 0.25mm LT

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I guess I deserve a little pause

Tuning my Rapman is real fun.
But I'd like to print something else than just spare parts from time to time.
So let's make a little pause...

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My second print : let's try the support feature

I'd like to see how the Rapman is going to handle a more complex object with overhangs...
For that second print I choosed this 3D scan object because I like it :

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