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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Right hand CAD data (WIP)

I know that quiet a few people are waiting for the hand to be released as CAD data.
I received several personal mails asking me when it will be made available.
The answer is "I don't know...".

But for sure it's on its way.


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : WristlargeV3 for M8 nuts

Recently a user named Balse posted on the InMoov's website about a problem on the palm of the hand named WristlargeV3.

I had a look at it and corrected the part...


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InMoov's Hand 3D PDF

Here is the CAD for InMoov's Hand (right).

It includes a much better hierarchy than the previous PDF I've made and it's also much faster to display and to interact with !


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Jour 49 (SketchUp / Rigging)

I have made InMoov's right hand in SketchUp.
Those that have seen the 3D PDF allready know that.

Bu today I also made a rigging system to be able to easily pose it...


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Jour 1 (printing)

"Jour 1" ?
Je devrais plutôt dire "Nuit 1"...

J'imprime depuis 16h et il est 04h du mat...

"InMoov" parts

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Thumb UP!

In the last days I've been printing Hairygael's InMoov robot's left hand.

It works pretty well but I need it for a punch server robot that will have to hold a glass.
So I need the thumb to be able to close in a "C" shape with the index.

New thumb

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UP! printed robot hand

Some months ago I encountered Hairygael that had printed a fantastic robot hand using his BfB 3000.

Having no luck with the Rapman due to warping, I decided to print it with the UP! printer.

It turned out very well except...

InMoov's left hand

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