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Leapfrog CreatR : a 3D printer that does a real good job !

These last 3 years I have tested several FDM 3D printers from different brands.

Since nearly a month now I am testing a Deutsh 3D printer from the "Leapfrog BV" company : a CreatR.

Leapfrog CreatR

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"Leapfrog BV" or how to NOT get fucked by a frog

Since my last shout and complaint regarding the Leapfog BV's attitude with their customers (at least me... maybe everything is OK for most people hopefully !), I got back in touch with them.

And now my 2 spools of white ABS are at home !

A special "Thanks!" to L.J. and MJ.R. from Leapfrog !

Thank you !

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"Leapfrog BV" or how to get fucked by a frog

Have you ever been fucked by a frog ?

It's something weird isn't it ?
So freaky that you might think it's something just impossible to imagine ?

Not at all !
It just happened to me...

This is a true story of a man being fucked by a frog.
(only a few names have been changed to protect the innocents)

Fuck you !

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