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Photogrammetry tests

I performed a lot of tests in the past with the available free or open-source photogrammetry solutions available.
And yesterday I tested the new Regard3D version so I think it's time to show you these "never published" tests.

MVE comparison

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Photogrammetry made simple

It's been a while since I wanted to write something about the photogrammetry solutions and pipelines that I've been testing.

Here is an attempt to cover this vast subject and try making it understandable and easy to follow for everyone...

Photogrammetry softwares

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Long time... No post... New love

I know that I don't publish much these days (months... year).
Because most of the time I have nothing to say or just nothing enough exciting to share (IMHO). Or just because (and most probably) because I'm just too lazy to publish my experiments...

But then I felt in love !
And my new lover's name is Neobarok...

Cosmic Debrit

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Check your Gcode before to print

I recently found a very usefull tool on Thingiverse that lets you check your Gcode file before sending it to the printer.

So I decided to give it a try...GCodeSimulator

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Having fun with Meshmixer and Sculptris

Yesterday I had some little spare time between two projects so I decided to train myself at using Meshmixer and Sculptris.
I had no precise idea of what to do before I reminded a famous René Magritte painting from 1934 that would be a perfect subject for Meshmixer.
Along with a bit of Sculptris, I thought it should be possible to achieve a good result in a short time.

In just as little as 3 hours of time I had a new sculpture ready to be printed...


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3D print : generated support with MeshMixer

I've been using MeshMixer since the very first release to mix some 3D models together.
Since then, MeshMixer has become an Autodesk product and is still under development.

I decided to give the last release a try and to have a closer look at the new features and especially the ability to create supports for 3D printed models...


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Carving text in DS Mechanical

DS Mechanical lacks some important tools that his big brother Spaceclaim has.
One of them is the ability to create text and annotations.

Someone on the forum asked about how to carve text in a model in DS Mechanical.
Having a look at the answers given there I was just amazed at how complex the different solutions were...

While it's so simple when using the SketchUp "Text" tool !


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DesignSpark Mechanical VS SketchUp groups/components

I started to test and evaluate how SketchUp and DesignSpark Mechanical can work together.
And as I said in my previous post they seem to work together pretty well.

But during my tests I found out they quiet don't manage groups and components the same way leading in some problems...


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DesignSpark Mechanical : the perfect companion to SketchUp

This is a great news for all SketchUp lovers like me !

Since Monday 16 September we, the 3D community, have a new and free (but not open-source) 3D software to play with : DesignSpark Mechanical.

And it works especially well with SketchUp models !


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Do you fill like I do ?

Now that you understand what drawing with Gcode really means, you know that only vectors can be turned into stroke paths.
In a vector graphic editor such as Inkscape you can fill a closed path, but that filling will only exist on your screen.
Even if you tell Inkscape to fill in some path, you will only get the path's outline plotted when converted into Gcode instructions. That's because only the outline is a path but the filled area isn't.
So if we want our filled areas to be pen-plotted, we must first find a way to convert them into stroke paths.

Let's see how...TSP (result)

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