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Printing "Christ Unlimited" (makkink of)

This is another post about printing something BIG.
By "BIG" here I mean a long print time and how it can drastically be reduced by having a good print strategy.
Or how a 12h print can be reduced down to 7h without any compromise on print quality.

Christ Unlimited

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Printing a BIG Bonzini trophy

This is the first big print I did back in 2018 as a trophy for a table-soccer tournament.
It was printed in 3 parts on a Ultimaker2 Extended printer, glued back and painted.
In this post I will show you the different steps.

Bonzini trophy

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Printing something BIG again

This is the next example in my "Printing something BIG" serie.
I could have printed this 36 cm tall object in one go. My printer (a Creality CR10S Pro) is big enough.
But cutting it in parts saves printing time and material.
So once again it's something I strongly recommend.

Fuck you!

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Printing something BIG (Makkink of)

Printing big objects is something I wanted to do since a long time.
But 3d printing is such a slow process that it discouraged me until now (I have some free spare time).
Still it's important to plan ahead to reduce printing time to a minimum and avoid support structures as much as you can.

Rocking machine

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Return of the Teddies

SmoothTeddy is a old (2003) small 3D sketching app developped by Takeo Igarashi that can produce simple organic shapes.
It's UI is minimalist and kid oriented, making it a perfect 3D modeling toy for children.
The drawback is... there is no way to export your Teddies.

Really no way ? Let's have a look...

RF3 Teddy

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MagicaVoxel and R3F together

Recently Frenchy Pilou (no need to introduce) told me about MagicaVoxel, a free voxel modeler. I was curious so I had a look.
There are people making incredible stuff out of it ! 

But how does it behave with R3F ?
Can it be useful in the modeling process and how to go from one software to the other ?

PLY to R3F

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My rocket is full of eels

After being curious about what the Rocket3F paid version could bring me, I finally decided to buy it.

I will describe more in detail what the Pro version of Rocket3F has to offer in this post.

r3F terrain window

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A rocket has landed in my house!

I recently tried Rocket3F (a sudivision modeler) and loved it right away !
As it says, it's "Fast, Fun and Friendly" to use.

In this post I will tell you a bit more about it...


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The art of recycling print failures

Rapid prototyping often means "trials and errors" because you usually don't end up with the exact part you need right at the first time.
It might depend on the design itself that isn't perfect and needs adjustments, or on some failures that might happen during the printing process (printer failures or material dependent failures) such as :

  • warping
  • delaminating
  • burns
  • filament sleepering or breaking
  • power cut
  • etc.

If like me you feel concerned about our planet and its pollution (and you should), you're probably keeping all your print failures somewhere, waiting for the emergence of a reliable recycling machine that could make new filament rolls out of your waste.

Or you could just use your imagination and artistic skills to produce unique 3D printing art...

CMYK 19X27

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Since a few years I have a legendary KORN & MACWAY SERVO-SOUND Cybernetic preamplifier with its 2 active speakers.
But unfortunately I only own one of the 2 proprietary cables so I'm unable to listen to it (or only on 1 of the 2 speakers).
And these cables are nearly impossible to find (I've been searching a lot and never found one).

So I decided to make another one by myself...

Servo-sound connection

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