No time to design my own object so I decided to choose one from Google's 3Dwarehouse (SketchUp being my prefered modeler).
I choose that object because I think it's a good test as the angles might be in the limits to be printed correctly without support. 

For going from SketchUp to Axon that's the way I do it :

  • export in DXF using this plugin (unfortunately STL export doesn't weld the vertices...)
  • convert to STL using MeshLab
  • open STL in Axon

After the build step as been performed in Axon, simply copy the resulting .bfb file on an SD card and introduce it in the PCB's SD reader.
Then choose "Run file" from the menu and click "Enter" (+X button) to start the print.

Afer the extruder reached the required temperature (245°C for an ABS raft in my case), the little mug started to print.
And it took about an hour to finish the print.

Unfortunately it didn't go well !
The mug seems to have been made in Pisa (Italy) because it's all bent on the X axis...
This is due to the X belt being sliping.
Why ? The X pulley that is on the X motor axis is tighten by a tiny "imperial" allen screw.
Yes, you read correctly : imperial !
While all the other screws (hundreds !) in the kit are all "metric", the most important ones (1 on the X motor axis and 2 on the Y one) are in "imperial" measure !
So that if you're a FFF like me (for "Fucking French Frog" in this context - not for "Fused Filament Fabrication") you are unable to lock them firmly resulting in print disasters.
The other weak point is that there is no flat side (D shape) at the right extremity of the long Y axis.
Adding one is the 1st improvement I've made...

Could you guys at BfB change those screws for metric ones or include in the kit the fucking "imperial" allen key needed ? as it's impossible to find any in France...

The other problem was the lenght of the white filament included in the kit. It was too short to be able to complete the mug.
So I had to finish it with some black ABS which finally gives it a nice bi-color look !


Maybe the first repraped bi-color object ?
I don't think so... I guess some other guys have done that before.