This is something I dislike because I wouldn't like to spill coffee or any other liquid on it. You never know ...
... and I drink a lot of coffee.

So I went back in SketchUp to design a printable PCB protection box.
Here is what it looks like in SU :

I started printing the bottom and one side of it but never completed the box.
The problem with this kind of prints is that it tends to warp a lot using ABS.
It also sucks a lot of ABS for the rafts !

I might finish printing it some day... (to be continued ?)

Possible "anti-warping" solutions are :

  • print it at less temp (default 265 for ABS is too much !)
  • make it thinner (as you can see the bottom plate could have less layers)
  • use a print bed which I don't have (but plan to make one...)
  • all of them 3