These bearing blocks are divided in 3 set of pieces :

In order to be mounted, the bars holding the bearings must be made free to let you introduce the bearings into these blocks.
But I don't want to have to unscrew all the bearing holding bars.
So I decided to take over Bogdan's original designs to adapt them.

I converted Bogdan's STL into 3DS with MeshLab and then imported the 3DS files in SU.
I then redesigned the parts over Bogdan's design.
The idea is simply to cut them in 2 halves, the advantages being :

  • they will be easier to mount  
  • they will be better printed (no overhang)

Here are the result in SU (all the bearings are not showed here) :

"X Front bearing block"

"X Back bearing block"

You can note that I have modelised the little support for the screw place here.
I also made it bigger because the original design was not fitting correctly.
This small support can be very easily broken off when the print is finished.

Why did I modelised a physical support instead of using Skeinforge's support feature ?
For small pieces like that one I never print any raft.
But Skeinforge has problems resolving the conflict "Raft=No VS Support=Yes".

And here they are mounted on the machine (not all showed, there are quiet a few of them) :

Updated 26/01/2011

At the time I've been writing that post I had not discovered Chylld's Derafter yet...
This little program's functionality is to get rid of the raft layers in a .bfb file.
That solves the "Raft=No VS Support=Yes" conflict.

Another great Chylld's gift to the reprap community ! 

You may download these parts from here.
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