The filament reel that comes with the kit is really simple.
It sure does the job but you will have to help it from time to time.
I think that a good horizontal filament reel (just like on the BfB3000) would be better.

As for the feet, I decided to have a look at what I can find in my gar(b)age first.
And that's what I came back with :

  • 1 microwave oven wheel system
  • 1 laser disc (though I have never own any laser disc player in my like...)
  • 1 turntable rubber mat (I own more than 15 turntables I think)

These, combined with the original reel parts, should make a decent horizontal reel.
And that's how I have set up the all thing :

"Note that I had to print a small part for it.
It's the round black plastic object at the center of the laser disc"

Does it work well ?
Like a charm !

The original reel was not turning regularly but instead was turning a big time when the filament tension was becoming too strong.
With this setup I can see it continuously rotate by very small increments which proves it works really fine !
Another unexpected thing that I was happy with is that the way I've been doing things, the rubber mat is in a bell shape in its center and becomes a real strong suction pad when it's on a very flat surface !
Believe me, I can hardly take it off my wacom just by pulling on it.
It really is sucked down so it has no chance to move...

Conclusion :

I have found many advantages :

  • very effective
  • easy and fast filament change
  • gain of place on the desk