So we want to play with our temp settings which are in ... ?
The "Temperature" tab you might think ?
Bad guess ! The temp settings are in the "BfB" tab...
Of course !
Anyway, that's the place where to tweak my temp settings.

The default Axon/Skeinforge temperature settings for ABS are :

  • Work temperature : 260
  • Raft temperature : 265
  • Support temperature : 240

I usually try to print without raft as much as I can. It makes faster prints and waste less filament.
Trying to stick the very first bit of extruded filament to the bed at low temperature (240-245) is almost impossible.
So if I want to print at 245 without a raft, I need to find a way to print my first layer at a higher temp (260-265).

Looking at the bottom of the tab, there's a "First layer temperature" set to 245.
I don't know what this value is for... 
"First layer temperature" is quiet self-explaining but will it do what I need ?
And which one is considered as the 1st layer here ?

  • the very first layer of the print ? ... then it's a Raft layer (temp 265)
  • The very first layer of the object ? ... then it's a Work layer (temp 260)

I really don't understand what this 245 "First layer temperature" is...
So let's try !

These are my settings assuming that "First layer temperature" is the 1st printed layer whatever it is (raft or object) :

  • Work temperature : 245
  • Raft temperature : 250 (but I have no raft)
  • Support temperature : 240 (but there will be no support in my test object)
  • First layer temperature : 260 (I want it to stick well to the bed)

Now let's proceed a build and have a look at the generated G-code...

Suprinsingly, there is only one target temperature value of 250 in the G-code (M104 at beginning of file) except from turning it back to zero (M104 at the end of the file).
That means the all object is gonna be printed at 250 while I have set my work temp at 245.
The only 250 value I have set is for the raft. So that it could be possible that Skeinforge doesn't like it very much when there is no raft, a bit like with the "No raft but support" dilemna.  

As there isn't any 260 target temp value in the outputed G-code, I still don't know what the "First layer temperature" does...

For now I just tweak my G-code to print the first layer at 260 while printing all the other layers at 245 and feed my Rapman with it.
The result is very good and the first layer sticks well to the print bed at 260.

Now what about if use the Chylld's Derafter method ?

I just reactivate my raft and build again.
When I have a look at the generated G-code, I can now find one 1st temp target at 250 (Raft temp respected) and a second one at 260. This is the "First layer temperature".
But my Work temp of 245 is not respected. I should have found another M104 line right after the first layer to set the temp at 245. I'm afraid even with the Derafter solution it won't be correct, printing the all object at 260.

It would be nice if we could also correct that with Chylld's Derafter. Could be a nice feature.
So Chylld if you read me...

Updated April 14th 2011
The problem still exist in firware version 4.1.1