I've seen on the UP! manual that one can be downloaded from Thingiverse and printed. But I decided to keep my only filament spool for other future things I have in mind. I will build mine using Lego.

My design is very simple but very efficient and only took me 10mn to build up.

UP! Lego spool holder

What you need :

  • 4x2 regular blocks (x 12)
  • 4x2 blocks with holes on sides for wheels (x 4)
  • 1/3 high 4x2 plates (x 4)
  • 1/3 high 2x2 plates (x 4)
  • 12x1 (or 10x1) regular blocks (x 2)
  • 1 big bottom plate (at least 11 x 18 dots)
  • 4 "old style wheels" with rubber tire (they fit in the 4x2 blocks with holes)

How you do it :

1) on top of each other place two 4x2 regular blocks, one 4x2 block with holes, one 2x2 plate + 4x2 plate (half 4x2 sprouting out along length), and one 4x2 regular block. Build four of these.

2) place these four pieces on the bottom plate to form a rectangle. Inside number of dots between your pieces should be respectively 7 and 10 and each piece should have its sprouting plate pointing outward on the longest rectangle side.

3) connect the two smallest side of the rectangle using the two 12x1 blocks on the sprouting 4x2 plates.

4) engage the four wheels in the 4x2 blocks with holes making sure they all are inside the rectangle.

How to use it :

Put the filament spool on the wheels. It will now unroll very freely without excessive needed force.

UP! Lego spool holder

Notice the piece of white clothe that I have put on the filament guide. This is a very simple trick to prevent from blocking the nozzle with some dirt that can be sticked onto the filament due to static electricity.

Watcha say ?