UP! first impression

Having a Rapman my first thought was that the UP! is really tiny !
It's said to be transportable and that is for sure compared to the Rapman. It's construction seems robust and it can easily be transported (5 kg).
But having such a small machine implies a small printing area. The UP print bed is 14cm x 14cm. It seems small but when you think about it, it's more reasonable than having a Rapman size one on which you can't really print big sized objects due to warping.
And for warp fighting the UP! comes with a heated bed that proved to be efficient !

After carefully reading and following the instructions and calibrating the beast, I was UP! for my first print.

Raspberry Pi printed case

It's a SketchUp... Hummm, sorry for all these UP! ;)
It's a SU designed case for my just received Raspberry Pi.
It has thin walls (1.5mm) and very small details.
I printed it at 0.2 layer thickness (smallest UP! value) using the "fine" speed preset and here's the result (bottom part) :

Raspberry pi caseRaspberry pi case

I think it's just impressive !

The raft is very thick (2mm - lowest I could choose) but includes some "tubing" and proved to be very efficient : sticked well to the bed and went off well from the part. And no warping !
Wobble is... well there's no wobble ! Or it can't be seen...
The details are all very well done and the print was quiet fast for a "slow" setting. In one word : wonderfull !

Thas that mean it is the perfect machine ?

Answer is no...
Mainly because the weak point is the software and the UP3 file format. These are closed so it's impossible to improve anything...
And the software is missing some important features that have proved to be annoying (we'll see that in details in later posts) including :

  • no raft smaller than 2mm (we'll see how to overcome that)
  • impossible to disable the support feature (very annoying !)

The Pi fits quiet well in the bottom case but it needs a bit more space (I think 0.1mm should do). So I'm gonna modify my SU design and print again. When it will fit perfectly I will then print the top of the case that is allready designed. And when everything will fit perfectly it will be made available for download.

Raspberry pi case

But for now I have decided to print Hairygael's InMoov robot hand and to build it UP!
I have met Hairygael some months ago and have seen the hand in action and can tell you he is doin' a fantastic job ! Check out his blog...

... and stay tune for my next UP! related coming posts.