In my previous post I have pointed some UP! software important missing features. Being unable to disable the support feature is one of them.

Hairygael's robot hand has a large part for the palm that has some tunnels for the wiring in it. And these tunnels mustn't be filled with support unless they might be very difficult to get out due to their shape. Has I couldn't disable support I was stuck...

So I decided to give it a try anyway with all support settings set to the bare minimum with the hope I will find some way to get rid of the plastic in tunnels.

InMoov's left hand

So far, with quiet a bit of patience, I succeeded in taking away 90% of it with some small pliers but some angles were still difficult to reach. Especially there's one tunnel (for the stringing of the fingers) that separate in a Y like way and makes it difficult to extract the supports from there. The only way I've found was to open a small square in the bottom layers where the Y tunnel is. This allowed me to get rid of all the support left in there.

I think another solution could be to modify the original mesh to add some very weak support structures in the unreachable places. Then they might be broken with some strong wire. Just a thought ... My method seems a bit more "brutal" but this little hole will be hiden later by the hand's top plates. So don't worry about it...

As you can see some parts can hardly be made usable without being allowed to disable the support feature. I hope PP3DP will soon include that option in their next release !