After a little time spent in SketchUp I came up with this very simple design that can be printed without support :

Easy Z homing

The idea is very simple : just reverse the inverted Z switch bolt to put it back with its head up.
You should be able to do that without removing the extruder's motor but if it's too stiff, don't force it and remove it.

Then just screw that printed end bit at the tip of the Z switch bolt.

Here is a schematic showing the part in place :

Eazy Z mounting

Now when you need to adjust your bed/nozzle distance, just screw/unscrew the printed end bit.
It can easily be done by hand very quicly and very efficiently ! (no more tool required)

You will save a lot of time at tuning your bed to nozzle distance.

You may download that part from here.
Please leave a comment or at least a "like it !" if you do...

And if you're not afraid at modifying your printer even more deeply, stay tuned !
In the next episode I'm gonna show you how to very easily build yourself a new homing system that will completely get rid of the inverted Z switch bolt : I've called it "I.Z.I.S."...