Rapman is not dead but it smells funny !

If you try to connect to the BfB forum you will be redirected onto the new Cubify website and will notice the old forum has gone !
You will also see that the Rapman and 3DTouch are now "discontinued" products...

Deciding weither to continue or not the Rapman development is one thing, discontinuing support for it is another !

It seems BfB will continue the selling of replacement parts for the Rapman.
But for how long ?

But why the hell have they killed the old forum ?
It was a very precious place for all sort of informations given by the community to the community where, most of the time, BfB themselves where not helping.

The forum has been made by the users for the users so I think it doesn't completely belong to BfB ! I have posted several time in it wether to find help or for helping others.
And now all this information is gone because BfB decided not to share the information anymore ?

I hardly hope this is a just a temporary situation and that we'll have the forum back.

WE have created that forum and we want it back !