Once upon a time...

One of my customers asked me to evaluate a new 3D printer they might like to distribute : a Leapfrog CreatR.
It's something they've asked me for several other printers in the past and have allways been satisfied with my technical reports.

Note that I won't discuss the quality of the Leapfrog products here : just to make it short about their products (CreatR, ABS) I think they are of very good quality.
But it isn't the point...
For now I just want to tell you about the customer quality service at the "Leapfrog BV" company.

Because when I test a new printer I also test the company that is behind : forum activity and reactivity, customers problem management (ticket system) and products delivery are some of these aspects.
Having a good printer is one thing, having a good service is another...
And both are very important in taking the decision to distribute a product or not.


On August 2nd 2013, more than 1 week ago, I ordered 2 rolls of white ABS (2 kgs) online at the Leapfrog website.
I could have bought my ABS for a much cheaper dealer and without shipment fees and delivery delay by just going to pick it "next door".
So why did I order at Leapfrog instead ?

I did so because

  • I was running out of filament for my tests
  • I needed to test the quality of the Leapfrog ABS more intensively
  • I needed to test the quality service and delivery time (using UPS company)
  • eventually I needed to test the "ticket" system if anything goes wrong

I never thought I will ever need to test that last point but unfortunately... something went wrong !

On August 5th 2013, the payment was effective and the money was no more on my bank account (but it is something I have checked later).
I'm used to order goods online, often in the Nederlands (Leapfrog BV is a dutch company) and to be delivered via UPS in no time and without any problem at all. 

On August 6th 2013 evening, as I wasn't delivered yet while UPS is usually fast, I started to get worried...
Especially because I needed the ABS ASAP.
So I opened a "ticket" thru the Leapfrog "Ticket system" just to have some news on the delivery date I could expect.
(on order, delivery time says "Delivery from stock". I let you appreciate...)
This is my very first contact with them :


Hi !
I've ordered 2 spools of white ABS on last Friday but still haven't received anything yet.
I'm a hurry because I have a job to finish and no filament left.
Could you please tell me when I should receive my order ?
Shipment is very expensive so I was expected it was because it's fast.
Seems it's not…

Thanks for some feedback.

On August 7th 2013 at 14:51 I got informed that my ticket was being taken in account by someone (let's call her MJ to protect an innocent).
Cool !
I immediately sent that person a mail to thank her for looking at my problem. Here it is :


Hi MJ !

Thanks for looking at my problem.

From there I was expecting things to go fast...
But at 16:47 I still had no news. So I sent MJ another mail. Here it is :


any feedback would be welcome…
Please tell me when I can rely on my delivery.

And MJ finally answered me right away (16:47). Here is the answer :

Dear Anar,

can you provide me with an order number?

With kind regards,

Leapfrog 3D printers

And I immediately provided the information I was asked :


Of course…
Thanks for helping !

Order: #xxxx (order number has just been hiden here. Of course it is in the original mail)
Product Quantity Price
White ABS
2 €69.90
Cart Subtotal: €69.90
Shipping: €29.76 via UPS Delivery
21%: €20.93
Order Total: €120.59

I let you appreciate the prices : more than 120€ for 2kg of ABS...

And at 16:55 that same day I received the following information from MJ :

Dear Anar,

the payment is not visible on our account yet.
As soon as the payment is visible your filaments will be shipped .

I think the payment will be visible on our account tomorrow

With kind regards,

Leapfrog 3D printers

How come ?
May be there has been a problem with the bank ?
I decide to contact my bank by phone right away.
After checking they told me the payment has been accepted and effective on August 5th.
From there, the Leapfrog BV company is insured to have their money.
So I informed MJ and sent the 2 following mails :


Thanks for the answer MJ !

I’m quiet surprised because I obtained a telephone agreement with by bank (speaking to a human person) for that payment on Friday eveving.
So I’m gonna check that with them immediately…

Please make sure everything goes fine as soon as you get the payment.

And thanks again for helping !

And :



I just checked with by bank.
It seems you’ve been informed that the payment has been accepted on the 5th of August : two days ago.

Please make sure to deliver my order as soon as possible.
Thanks !

And since then they decided to not talk to me anymore and I'm stuck with no information regarding my order !

On my side I kept on asking on the next days because I have 120€ in the nature !
If they don't have the money then who has it ?
Here are my successive mails that all stayed without any answers :


Hi MJ,

any news regarding my payment ?

and :


the money is no more on my account since the 5th of August.
Could you please inform me about what’s going on ?

Best regards.

and the last one (that was yesterday morning) :


Hi MJ,

Please tell me everything is fine…

Regarding such attitude from a company to their customers I just think this is totally unacceptable !
So I decided I was going to complain now !
Here is the very last mail I sent this morning.
Let's see if they are going to answer that one (?) :


I start to understand you are just fooling me…
The prices, the delivery delay but especially your silence tells long !

I’ve been unable to perform the print for my client and just lost the contract with him !
Because of your imcompetence,..

Now would you please proceed to a reimboursement of my money ASAP.
As the ABS are just not needed anymore.

I will for sure inform the 3D printing community about how Leapfrog BV treats his customers !
Now I’m afraid I will be waiting for my money back…
I’m just curious to see how fast this will be !


Just have a look at how many time they informed me : just twice !
And to say what ?

  • Your ticket is being taken in account
  • We sent you nothing because we didn't receive your money

Who is lying me ?
Leapfrog or my bank ?

Of course my customer will be informed of all these problems.
He will then decide if he wants to distribute the Leapfrog products...

End of the story !
The end, really ?

No, just end of part 1 of course !
And I will keep you informed how things will go in the next days... or weeks... or months !

Now if you have some filament to buy just think twice before you order from Leapfrog BV...

Order has been made on August 2nd and today we are August 10th !

Still us french will allways like frogs !

French Frog
"Bon appétit !"