Yes indeed, my filament is finally here !

The total delay between ordering online (payment made by credit card) end the opening of the box I just got delivered via UPS, will have been 12 days.

Seems long, I know !
Especially when you have run out of filament like me with some important job to finish...

In between this delay there has been 2 week-ends and I completely understand that the company is closed at that time.
Everybody should be !

So finally this delay is pretty fair if you also take in consideration that it was an international transaction.

Still I consider it is their attitude, more than the delay, that made me mad !

I can completely accept and understand any explanation regarding a problem any company might encounter.
As long as the problem is explained... 

What really pissed me off here is that I had no information at all...

Leapfrog BV has a "Ticket" system to take their customers problems in consideration. This is a good thing.

But this system can only be as good as the people behind it !

Now I don't wan't to blame anybody here.
My rolls are "in da house" and I'm just happy with that.
Better than nothing...
The printer, a CreatR, is hungry and I will finally be able to feed it !

But please! the people at Leapfrog BV in charge of our "ticket", please consider answering our mails !

Most people will prefer that !


Thanks for the delivery anyway !

The lesson to remember : never wait until your last spool is printing to order some new ones !