I'd like to thank all the people that helped me and encouraged me during this last month of intensive 3D printing.

Funk you

So here is a big "Thank you !" to :

  • Hairygael without whom I would have never start building my Eugene server robot !
  • My wife Djo that accepted that I stay home during August while I should have gone with her in Quebec for holidays
  • My client "Multistation S.A.S.", that let me use the CreatR for a month with a "special thank" to Clément
  • Adrian Bowyer for giving the invention of the reprap concept to the world by making it "open source"
  • The "Leapfrog BV" company for making such a good machine (the CreatR)
  • Jonathan "Lonesock" for making Kisslicer free : the best slicer I've ever tried !
  • My friends that came to visit me and invited me home from time to time
  • "Le héron" for giving me a roll of Kapton tape. Thanks body !
  • My cats for being so patient while I couldn't take care of them as much as usual
  • All the good musicians and "rock" bands around the world. I couldn't live without music...
  • all the anonymous people that throw valuable things in the trash. Thank you assholes !
  • My neighboors for not being there during the month (if only they could go on holidays for ever... "Fuck you very much !")
  • And at last but not least, all of you, my known or unknown blog readers out there...

Thank you all guys !
Whitout you the project could not have gone so fast !