The MiiCraft is a DLP 3D printer that uses a Pico DLP projector to cure UV resin layers.
And it also uses a Teflon transparent film for the peeling system.

MiiCraftUnfortunately the two Teflon films I was provided with were both in bad shape (they have holes in them) and should have been replaced.
My client should send me a new one among with some more resin because the bottle he gave me is nearly empty...
But at the time of writing this post I still have received nothing from them.
Still I wanted to perform some tests.

So I looked for another transparent material that could replace the Teflon film and found something that looked quiet good to me.
I first placed some uncured resin on it to see if it could be compatible and put that in the sun for curing. The result was encouraging and the hardened resin could be peeled of the film very easily. So I decided to try a print with it.

I prepared a small piece of that transparent film and replaced the original Teflon film with it and launched my first print.
But the result wasn't good...
The object I printed (a small finger ring) only printed the very first layers well but all the last 3/4 layers were not there.
Maybe because my plastic film is too sticky ? I don't know...

Today I'm performing a new test.
I'm using an original Teflon film, the less damaged one, among with my own film that I added underneath it to prevent the resin to go thru the hole and into the machine. The print is still running and I should have the result in about 20 minutes.

Whatever the result will be, I decided I will no longer test this machine and will give it back to my client as soon as possible.
Because this technology is a real nightmare !
You just can't imagine how much it stinks in the house and how dirty it is !

I'm used to working with resins like Epoxy or Polyester from when I was younger because I was shaping my own surfboards and windsurfs boards but that one blue resin stinks even more and I'm really not sure it's secure for the health !
Anyway, being secure or not is not the point...
The horrible smell is just too hard to stand and my wife started to complain she had headache and don't want me to perform any more tests with this machine.

So this is probably my very last test while she's not there...

There's another thing that is really annoying.
Since I installed the MiiCraft suite software my PC crashes several time each day. Yesterday it crashed maybe 10 times or even more !
When it happens I have no more working mouse and keyboard and have no other alternative than "killing" Windows by turning off the PC... and loosing all my unsaved jobs !
I can't say it's because of the MiiCraft suite software but it never happened before I install it...
At the moment I write this it has just happened once more while I had my test print running. As I don't know if the print is still running or not, I decided to give it a chance and to wait for half an hour (estimated print time) before to turn off the PC the hard way (forcing shut down).

OK, I finally opened the printer's door just to discover that even with the Teflon film things aren't better. It's even worse !
So probably my replacement transparent film wasn't the reason and I still think it can be a very good replacement film for the Teflon one.
It's also MUCH cheaper than a Teflon one...

All in all you might allready understand that I don't like this technology...

It's just too disgusting !

Absolutely disgusting !