The right forearm will be soon available as STEP and IGES.
Only "RobCap3V1" is still a WIP (work in progress).
As soon as it will be done I will upload a complete CAD "solid" forearm.


But I have allready uploaded the following parts as STL (both left and right versions) :

  • RobPart2V2
  • RobPart3V3
  • RobPart4V3
  • RobPart5V2

These STL have been exported from the new reverse-engineered CAD parts with a decent tessellation. They should be

  • light
  • smooth
  • watertight
  • manifold
  • without inter-penetrations

You should be able to make better prints with less facets out of these compared to the original parts.

Original parts VS New parts from CAD

And the good news is that I hope to have soon all the InMoov parts reverse-engineered as "solid" CAD parts !

So stay tuned...