CAD data of the InMoov's right forearm are now available for download as STEP (.stp) and IGES (.igs) format.
These parts have been completely retro-engineered from the original STL files and are ready to be used in any CAD solid package.

They've been redesigned with hi accuracy. There's no more overlap between parts and they should give you better smooth prints depending on your tessellation settings. 

As I won't upload the left version if you need the left forearm, just perform a mirror of all the parts.


UPDATED November 15th 2013

The following parts are now also available as step and iges :

  • robcap3V1
  • elbowshaftgearV1
  • robcap3V1+elbowshaftgearV1 (as single part)
  • RobPart4V3
  • RobPart5V2

And the complete forearm as a single file will be uploaded tomorrow.

The next parts that will be made as solid CAD will be the complete right hand.

So stay tuned...