The hand is probably the InMoov part that needs the more work to be rebuilt as CAD.
Articulations are all different which turns the task into a real nightmare !
So it's really difficult for my friend MiR (that does this great work !) to keep being motivated regarding the huge amount of work it involves...

But some comments received regarding the CAD forearm are really pleasing and encouraging.
For example this comment from Rich really made our day when we received it and provided a huge help for re-motivating MiR.

Hi Anar,
I recently bumped into the CAD work you did with the forearm and I am extremely impressed! It's perfectly done. I know you mentioned that you're working on the hand too. This is very exciting news! Are you still working on completing the CAD parts at this time? If so, do you know when the hand will be done?

Thank you very much for releasing these!

Thank you Rich !

So if you like MiR's work and would like to see more, please give some feedback.
It really helps !

Here is a WIP (work in progress) regarding the CAD InMoov's hand.
It will probably be available in 2 versions :

  • InMoov's original design like
  • human like (based on 3D scan data)

But as I already wrote here and there, I just can't give any date regarding their availability. Sorry ! MiR can only work on it on its spare-time.

So just stay tuned.

InMoov's hand as CAD - teaser preview (WIP)


Edited 12 Feb. 2014

Finally I don't know if we will release the CAD data for the original design...
We might only provide a 3D scan version. This way no comparison might be done and it will only be considered as a "fork" to Gael's original hand.
As we would like our Eugène robot to be "human like", we might probably use this version.
Having two versions (Gael's original one and a "human like" one) will allow people to choose what best fit their taste.

3D Scan fork version (WIP)

3D Scan fork version (WIP)

Some thumb pausing tests have been performed to make sure that this new version will be able to close itself as expected.
It showed that some minor improvements still need to be made but globally it's already quiet good.

So as usual : stay tuned !

Thumb pausing tests (WIP)

Thumb pausing tests (WIP)