My Repper's Delight blog is mainly focused on 3D printers and rapid prototyping.
It's not the place where I usually discuss other 3D fields like texturing, lightning, particles, animation, and so on.
Yes, 3D is as big as the universe. And even bigger...

But let's make an exception for my new lover Neobarok.

What is Neobarok ?

Originally it's the name for a design style period in the 19's.
But it's also the name of a new 3D design software focused on 3D art made by a single guy (aka Lucian Stanculescu) whom disserve all my respect for the incredible work he's doing !

Neobarok is mainly focused at producing digital art.

What is NOT Neobarok ?

NeoB (sorry to make it short but I will name it like this since now) is in it's beta++ development stage and should have a 1st stable release soon.
Which means it's not yet a commercial product (and from what I understand it should never be) and so the release that I have tried is just a early beta "prototype".

NeoB can be used for making printable objects but that's not its main objective.

What makes NeoB so different ?

This is a hard question to answer indeed...
It's unique in its interface and approach. Like was Bryce by its time.
So it might be a bit unusual at 1st try, but if you take the time to understand and master it you'll have plenty of satisfaction.

Here are my very, very first tests on NeoB (just a few crazy experiments that just make no sense)

Cosmic Debrit
Cosmik Debris (Teddy V1 for modeling + Neobarok - a 15mn exercice)

Cosmic Debrit variation 1
Cosmik Debris variation 1

Cosmic Debrit variation 2
Cosmik Debris variation 2 (Hommage to Hypnothalamus's artwork)

Space Tube
Neobarok (100%)

You can download a free beta version of Neobarok here :

I strongly recommend that you should start with the few turtorials and videos available.

Here are a few textures I made that you can add to your NeoB folder (you will have to update your "materials.m" file accordingly with the one you wish to use) :

Blobs textures pack
Miscelaneous texture pack

And here is a usefull background I made to help you with the shortkeys (rename it "neobarok.jpg" to make it your default background)

Hotkeys Background

Have fun!


After a discussion with Frenchy Pilou I realised that I didn't have the same version as him.
So I returned on Neobarok's website and downloaded again.
And this download is a new version (1.0.1) compared to the one I downloaded just a few days ago.

The GUI in this version is very different from the previous one and is more "classical".
But it comes with no textures at all and I couldn't find a way to use the texture packs I've made (see above).
And when I open a scene made with the previous release, all my objects are untextured.
I've also tried to import a textured OBJ (OBJ with MTL) but the mesh appears untextured.
In the previous release it was textured but the UV mapping wasn't correct (and I was working on that...).
Another remark is that the Glow intensity is much higher in this release but I didn't find how to modify it.
The meshes also appear to be more "glossy" and I prefered the old "flat" materials.

I think I'm gonna stick with the previous release for now until I find a way to use textured meshes.

Have a look at these images to compare :

Cosmic Debrit

Annotations Neobarok V1.0.1