Ten years ago I scanned a lot of my friends with a Minolta VI910 3D scanner without knowing that I could eventually print them one day.

So I allready had this 3D scan of my friend Cedric when he was 30 years old. But as you can see, it's far from being printable because it's only a partial scan of just his face (it's not a closed and manifold mesh).

Cedric raw 3D scanCedric raw 3D scanCedric raw 3D scan

To make it printable I had to complete his head, add some hair and shoulders.

I started by decimating the mesh to work with fewer polygons (having so many is not necessary for a sculpture that will only be about 10cm high).
Then I completed the back of his head (skull) and filled the holes (filling holes behind the ears was quiet difficult indeed...).

Cedric skull completedCedric skull completedCedric skull completedCedric skull completed

And I downloaded this cool 3D mesh of Bruce Lee by kkleon02 (Congrats Leon, you're a very good 3D modeler!), cut it to only keep the shoulders and aligned Cedric's head to Bruce's.

Cedric body importedCedric body importedCedric face alignedCedric face aligned

Again, I filled the holes making connection between the head and torso.

Cedric body cutCedric body cutCedric body connectedCedric body connected

I smoothed the connection and cut Bruce's torso at the desired height.

Cedric body connectedCedric connection smoothedCedric torso cut

I also imported some hair from another mesh and used the same process to connect it to Cedric's head.

Cedric adding hairCedric adding hair

The bust was then ready for printing.

Cedric completedCedric completed

I decided to print it completely hollow and without internal supports wich was quiet a challenge in the horizontal areas like the "shoulders-to-neck" part. And I was very surprised that it printed so well on my BfB3000 without any internal stringing. Great ! (only the top of the head didn't print well but that was expected)

Cedric printedCedric printedCedric printedCedric printedCedric printed

Finally I finished the top (hair) with some ABS soup (ABS melt in acetone), filled the sculpture with plaster to make it more pleasing when holding it (heavier) and sanded it a bit.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the result but I think Cedric is very pleased with his 3D sculpture and that was the goal.

3D printed (face)3D printed (side)

Happy birthday my friend !
Bon anniversaire mon poto !
Честито рожден ден моят приятел!

Here are other busts of some of my friends that I also printed in the past.