I won't describe how MagicaVoxel works and how to use it.
Mainly because I have only used it once and only to perform the export tests described here.
My goal was to see how to go from MagicaVoxel to Rocket3F.

Rocket3F can import :

  • OBJ
  • DAE
  • FBX
  • DXF.

MagicaVoxel can export :

  • OBJ
  • PLY
  • MC (PLY format)
  • xraw
  • slab
  • qb
  • vox
  • iso
  • 2d
  • slice
  • point (PLY format)
  • cube (PLY format)

So it is obvious that one has to use the OBJ format, which is the only one they share.
Helas no...

If your goal is to import your voxel model in Rocket3F, OBJ is not your best choice.
The OBJ export triangulation from MagicaVoxel is far from ideal for further modeling in R3F (try it and you will see by yourself...).
Ideally we want quads.
And as voxels are cubes, it should be easy for MagicaVoxel to end up with quads.

Let's see the other export options we have...
Except from PLY I must admit I have never seen these other formats.
Let's try them all.
Doing so you will discover that MC, point, and cube do also have a PLY extension.
So chances are they can be good candidates too.

What's the difference between these formats ?
As I told you the OBJ is not a good candidate.
What about the different possible PLY ?

Except for the 'Point" export format which only contains vertices, all of the other PLY are good to go !
They will all produce a regular polygonization grid distribution (ala "Rubik's cube") just as expected.

Note that you still end up with triangles (there are diagonals separating our quads).
But you will be able to easily select them and get rid of them in R3F (select similar), making things easier afterward to select rings and loops for further modeling.

Our 3 kind of PLY are :
  • PLY is the most regular, conform to the Magica model (WYSIWYG)
  • MC is the same one but with bevel applied
  • Cube will export each voxel as a separate cube (mind the file size!)
Each of them will produce different result in R3F.

PLY differenceCube to R3F
PLY to R3FCube to R3F
But wait... R3F doesn't import PLY ?
You will have to convert them before to import.
I converted them to OBJ using Meshlab.
You might want to perform other operations in Meshlab before to export (while you're here) :
  • weld vertices (can be very time consuming in R3F)
  • transfer vertex color to faces
That's it.
You're good to go from MagicaVoxel to Rocket3F.
From now I will start really playing with it.
Happy modeling!