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Printing a BIG Bonzini trophy

- Print

This is the first big print I did back in 2018 as a trophy for a table-soccer tournament.
It was printed in 3 parts on a Ultimaker2 Extended printer, glued back and painted.
In this post I will show you the different steps.

Bonzini trophy

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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Right hand CAD data (WIP)

- Hands

I know that quiet a few people are waiting for the hand to be released as CAD data.
I received several personal mails asking me when it will be made available.
The answer is "I don't know...".

But for sure it's on its way.


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UP! yours

- Print

This is my last ABS print on UP!

Fucking gnome (meshlab render)

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My second print : let's try the support feature

- Print

I'd like to see how the Rapman is going to handle a more complex object with overhangs...
For that second print I choosed this 3D scan object because I like it :

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