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Happy birthday !

- Print

My friend Cedric had his 40th birthday party yesterday.
I decided to offer him a 3D sculpture of himself when he was 30.

And here is how I did it...

Cedric 3D sculpture

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UP! yours

- Print

This is my last ABS print on UP!

Fucking gnome (meshlab render)

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Thumb UP!

- Hands

In the last days I've been printing Hairygael's InMoov robot's left hand.

It works pretty well but I need it for a punch server robot that will have to hold a glass.
So I need the thumb to be able to close in a "C" shape with the index.

New thumb

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Single layer raft on UP!

- UP! (PP3DP)

The UP! software doesn't allow for raft smaller than 2mm. But you can still disable it.

Compared to other slicers I have used (Kisslicer, Skeinforge) the UP! raft is very thick !

The UP! raft structure is made of tunnels and so far it has proved to be efficient. But making such a thick raft is a big waste of material ! (could it be a commercial strategy ?)

Let's see how to print with just a single layer raft...

Gizmo raft method

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UP! printed robot hand

- Hands

Some months ago I encountered Hairygael that had printed a fantastic robot hand using his BfB 3000.

Having no luck with the Rapman due to warping, I decided to print it with the UP! printer.

It turned out very well except...

InMoov's left hand

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Everybody get UP!

- UP! (PP3DP)

I have the opportunity to test a UP! printer from PP3DP.
In the next days/weeks I will tell you what I think about it...

But now I'd like to show you my first print with the UP!
It's a case I designed for my Raspberry Pi...

Raspberry Pi printed case

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Making a multi tool holder

- Spare parts

I will need something to hold a pen in place of the original extruder if I want to use my Rapman as a pen plotter.

As usual, I'm gonna design that part in Sketchup.

Pen holder

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Just magic !

- Software

Doing searches on the web, I found that little python script.
It's aimed to print lampshades from grayscale images on a Makerbot.


If it works on a Makerbot it should also work on a Rapman. So let's try that...

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Fine printing with ABS

- Print

I usually print with a layer thickness of 0.4mm and I'm happy with that.
The print quality is correct, and the print time is acceptable (though it's never fast enough...).

But I know that a Rapman can do better than that. So let's ask it a bit more and see what it can do...

ABS 0.25mm LT

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How to get rid of some excess stringing ?

- Spare parts

When you print using the support feature with a diferent temp setting for the support, the print head will constantly go to its rest position to change its temperature.
Doing so, it will deposit some stringing on the printed object.

Let's see if we can manage to find a solution for that...

Prime remover

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