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Since a few years I have a legendary KORN & MACWAY SERVO-SOUND Cybernetic preamplifier with its 2 active speakers.
But unfortunately I only own one of the 2 proprietary cables so I'm unable to listen to it (or only on 1 of the 2 speakers).
And these cables are nearly impossible to find (I've been searching a lot and never found one).

So I decided to make another one by myself...

Servo-sound connection

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Happy birthday !

- Print

My friend Cedric had his 40th birthday party yesterday.
I decided to offer him a 3D sculpture of himself when he was 30.

And here is how I did it...

Cedric 3D sculpture

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UP! yours

- Print

This is my last ABS print on UP!

Fucking gnome (meshlab render)

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Thumb UP!

- Hands

In the last days I've been printing Hairygael's InMoov robot's left hand.

It works pretty well but I need it for a punch server robot that will have to hold a glass.
So I need the thumb to be able to close in a "C" shape with the index.

New thumb

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Single layer raft on UP!

- UP! (PP3DP)

The UP! software doesn't allow for raft smaller than 2mm. But you can still disable it.

Compared to other slicers I have used (Kisslicer, Skeinforge) the UP! raft is very thick !

The UP! raft structure is made of tunnels and so far it has proved to be efficient. But making such a thick raft is a big waste of material ! (could it be a commercial strategy ?)

Let's see how to print with just a single layer raft...

Gizmo raft method

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UP! printed robot hand

- Hands

Some months ago I encountered Hairygael that had printed a fantastic robot hand using his BfB 3000.

Having no luck with the Rapman due to warping, I decided to print it with the UP! printer.

It turned out very well except...

InMoov's left hand

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Everybody get UP!

- UP! (PP3DP)

I have the opportunity to test a UP! printer from PP3DP.
In the next days/weeks I will tell you what I think about it...

But now I'd like to show you my first print with the UP!
It's a case I designed for my Raspberry Pi...

Raspberry Pi printed case

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Making a multi tool holder

- Spare parts

I will need something to hold a pen in place of the original extruder if I want to use my Rapman as a pen plotter.

As usual, I'm gonna design that part in Sketchup.

Pen holder

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Just magic !

- Software

Doing searches on the web, I found that little python script.
It's aimed to print lampshades from grayscale images on a Makerbot.


If it works on a Makerbot it should also work on a Rapman. So let's try that...

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Fine printing with ABS

- Print

I usually print with a layer thickness of 0.4mm and I'm happy with that.
The print quality is correct, and the print time is acceptable (though it's never fast enough...).

But I know that a Rapman can do better than that. So let's ask it a bit more and see what it can do...

ABS 0.25mm LT

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