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Weedo Tina2 Dedicated part cooling fan

- Weedo

I had one more free unused pin on the motherboard intended for a Y max endswitch.

I decided to use it as an output pin to drive a dedicated part cooling fan. 


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Weedo Tina2 Heated bed added

- Weedo

I wanted to do this mod since I got my Weedo Tina2 3D printer.

Thanks to my firmware hack it's now possible and it works !

Weedo Tina2 Heated bed, Feb 2022

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Weedo Tina2 filament runout detection

- Weedo

Having now a complete Marlin firmware opens a lot of new features.
Among them there is a filament runout detection section which I think is a feature every 3D printer should have.

So it's time to add one to my beloved Weedo Tina2.

Weedo Tina2 runout sensor, Feb 2022

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Weedo Tina2 firmware hacked

- Weedo

After a lot of trials and errors I finally succesfully hacked the Weedo Tina2 firmware.

Weedo Tina2 firmware hack, Feb 2022

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