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Saga Eugène / InMoov : WristlargeV3 for M8 nuts

- Hands

Recently a user named Balse posted on the InMoov's website about a problem on the palm of the hand named WristlargeV3.

I had a look at it and corrected the part...


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Jour 18 (print / CAO / doc)

- Arms

Vous êtes peut-être un peu déçus de mon billet d'hier où je donne l'impression de me sauver comme un vulgaire voleur de sac-à-main ?

Je sais, mais j'ai pas eu de temps pour sa rédaction. J'ai donc juste mis les faits :

  • impression lancée à telle heure
  • impression terminée en temps de temps

Et, je le conçois, çà n'est guerre plus plaisant à lire qu'une liste de courses chez Unico...

Je vais essayer de me rattraper aujourd'hui.

CAO Biceps gauche

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Z homing made easy

- Spare parts

The Z homing on a BfB Rapman is insured by an inverted bolt placed at the back of the extruder.
The bolt's head is actioning the Z switch when the bed moves up.
The bed to nozzle distance can be controled by tuning the lenght of that inverted bolt.

But I think it could be made much easier...

Easy Z homing

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Building UP! a new filament spool holder

- UP! (PP3DP)

One of the thing I liked on the different videos of the UP! I've seen is it's original filament unrolling system. It used a very clever system with a dedicated motor that could free some filament from the spool when needed. It seems that this feature has disappeared, or maybe it's an option.

The fact is that the UP! I'm testing doesn't come with it and the way the spool gets hold could be improved...

So I decided to build up a better spool holder.

UP! Lego spool holder

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Nozzle jamming prevention

- Rapman 3.1

Now I need to find some way to prevent new future nozzle jam.

But what are the reasons for jamming and what can be done about it ?

Heat sink mounted

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