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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Jour 6 (recapitulatif / printing)

- Head

Hier je vous ai dis n'avoir rien fait sur le projet.

Çà n'est pas tout à fait exact.
J'ai quand même décidé d'imprimer quelques pièces le soir et pendant la nuit.

N'ayant plus d'ABS blanc, j'ai utilisé du PLA noir.

Oreilles V1

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Pain !

- Rapman 3.1

Working with PLA has some drawback... PLA can jam your nozzle much more than ABS. It happened to me with my second PLA print.

It seems that there can't be pleasure without pain...

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PLeAsure !

- Materials

I have never tried printing with PLA.
I know it warps less than ABS so it can be an interesting material, especially for big flat parts. I have some blue translucide PLA so I'm going to try with that...

Blue PLA logo

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Testing a BfB3000 with dual extruders

- BfB 3000

For a complete week I have a dual head BfB3000 to test at home.
So let's see what this printer can do...

Woman sculpture in SU

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