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Photogrammetry made simple

- Software

It's been a while since I wanted to write something about the photogrammetry solutions and pipelines that I've been testing.

Here is an attempt to cover this vast subject and try making it understandable and easy to follow for everyone...

Photogrammetry softwares

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May 3D printing be harmfull for your health ?

Yesterday I pointed out that the MiiCraft seems to me to be potentially dangerous in a closed environment because it stinks so much.

Note that I don't say it is... But man! it smells soooo bad !

But what about the FDM technology ? Can it be harmfull too ?


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Recherche pour une structure de renfort

Lors de ma dernière "étude" j'ai réfléchi à l'utilisation de structures en nid d'abeille pour la fabrication des supports.

Et comme aujourd'hui j'ai le bourdon, je suis retourné à mes nids d'abeille (honey comb) pour cette fois-ci explorer les possibilités de "renforts".


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