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Screaming Hand 3D sculpture V2

- Print

Almost 7 years ago I published my first version of the "Sceaming hand" Santa Cruz's emblematic design.
And honestly when I look back at it I think it doesn't deserve the more than 250 likes I received on Thingiverse (at the time of writing).
It's now time to make a better one...

Screaming Hand V2

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Printing "Christ Unlimited" (makkink of)

- Print

This is another post about printing something BIG.
By "BIG" here I mean a long print time and how it can drastically be reduced by having a good print strategy.
Or how a 12h print can be reduced down to 7h without any compromise on print quality.

Christ Unlimited

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Having fun with Meshmixer and Sculptris

- Software

Yesterday I had some little spare time between two projects so I decided to train myself at using Meshmixer and Sculptris.
I had no precise idea of what to do before I reminded a famous René Magritte painting from 1934 that would be a perfect subject for Meshmixer.
Along with a bit of Sculptris, I thought it should be possible to achieve a good result in a short time.

In just as little as 3 hours of time I had a new sculpture ready to be printed...


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Screaming Hand 3D sculpture

- Print

I have allways loved skateboard and I still do !
And I also like very much skate designs...

Now to be honest I feel like I'm just getting too old to go back in a skate park or even to try some nice "ollie flip" in a street session...


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