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DesignSpark Mechanical VS SketchUp groups/components

- Software

I started to test and evaluate how SketchUp and DesignSpark Mechanical can work together.
And as I said in my previous post they seem to work together pretty well.

But during my tests I found out they quiet don't manage groups and components the same way leading in some problems...


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DesignSpark Mechanical : the perfect companion to SketchUp

- Software

This is a great news for all SketchUp lovers like me !

Since Monday 16 September we, the 3D community, have a new and free (but not open-source) 3D software to play with : DesignSpark Mechanical.

And it works especially well with SketchUp models !


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Saga Eugène / InMoov : Jour 49 (SketchUp / Rigging)

- Hands

I have made InMoov's right hand in SketchUp.
Those that have seen the 3D PDF allready know that.

Bu today I also made a rigging system to be able to easily pose it...


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Recherche pour une structure de renfort

Lors de ma dernière "étude" j'ai réfléchi à l'utilisation de structures en nid d'abeille pour la fabrication des supports.

Et comme aujourd'hui j'ai le bourdon, je suis retourné à mes nids d'abeille (honey comb) pour cette fois-ci explorer les possibilités de "renforts".


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Z homing made easy

- Spare parts

The Z homing on a BfB Rapman is insured by an inverted bolt placed at the back of the extruder.
The bolt's head is actioning the Z switch when the bed moves up.
The bed to nozzle distance can be controled by tuning the lenght of that inverted bolt.

But I think it could be made much easier...

Easy Z homing

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Thumb UP!

- Hands

In the last days I've been printing Hairygael's InMoov robot's left hand.

It works pretty well but I need it for a punch server robot that will have to hold a glass.
So I need the thumb to be able to close in a "C" shape with the index.

New thumb

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Everybody get UP!

- UP! (PP3DP)

I have the opportunity to test a UP! printer from PP3DP.
In the next days/weeks I will tell you what I think about it...

But now I'd like to show you my first print with the UP!
It's a case I designed for my Raspberry Pi...

Raspberry Pi printed case

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Z switch touch probe

- Print

Leveling the Rapman's bed to ensure it's perfectly parallel to the XY toolhead's plane is something important.
Until now, like a lot of people I guess, I was doing it "by eye", trying to achieve a thickness of about 3 sheets of paper (hot-end/bed distance) where the 3 leveling bolts are placed (back left and right corners + middle front).
It usually is enough for classic 3D printing.

But as I allready said, for pen-plotting and especially for milling, it's important to insure that the bed is perfecly leveled. Or at least as perfect as it can be.
So we're going to need a more "scientific" way to make sure the bed is at an equal distance to the toolhead (at least at these 3 leveling points).

And I think there is an easy way...

Touch-probe (mounted)

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Making a multi tool holder

- Spare parts

I will need something to hold a pen in place of the original extruder if I want to use my Rapman as a pen plotter.

As usual, I'm gonna design that part in Sketchup.

Pen holder

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How to get rid of some excess stringing ?

- Spare parts

When you print using the support feature with a diferent temp setting for the support, the print head will constantly go to its rest position to change its temperature.
Doing so, it will deposit some stringing on the printed object.

Let's see if we can manage to find a solution for that...

Prime remover

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