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MagicaVoxel and R3F together

- Software

Recently Frenchy Pilou (no need to introduce) told me about MagicaVoxel, a free voxel modeler. I was curious so I had a look.
There are people making incredible stuff out of it ! 

But how does it behave with R3F ?
Can it be useful in the modeling process and how to go from one software to the other ?

PLY to R3F

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My rocket is full of eels

- Software

After being curious about what the Rocket3F paid version could bring me, I finally decided to buy it.

I will describe more in detail what the Pro version of Rocket3F has to offer in this post.

r3F terrain window

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A rocket has landed in my house!

- Software

I recently tried Rocket3F (a sudivision modeler) and loved it right away !
As it says, it's "Fast, Fun and Friendly" to use.

In this post I will tell you a bit more about it...


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