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3D print : generated support with MeshMixer

- Software

I've been using MeshMixer since the very first release to mix some 3D models together.
Since then, MeshMixer has become an Autodesk product and is still under development.

I decided to give the last release a try and to have a closer look at the new features and especially the ability to create supports for 3D printed models...


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Recherche pour une structure de support

Dans pas mal de pièces dessinées par Gaël la structure de support est incluse.
C'est une idée que j'avais déjà explorée avec cet objet.

Hier tard dans la nuit j'ai commencé à gamberger au "support idéal" (ma femme n'étant pas là, peut être ?).

Il est quand même 04h30 et y'a une "PistonbaseV4" qui s'imprime !
C'est pas raisonnable... Mais c'est à cause de cette idée de structure de support là !
Du coup je m'suis pas couché...

Si vous savez pas ce qu'est un "support" ou un "slicer", çà va vous faire chier !
Mais y'a des jolies images...


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UP! printed robot hand

- Hands

Some months ago I encountered Hairygael that had printed a fantastic robot hand using his BfB 3000.

Having no luck with the Rapman due to warping, I decided to print it with the UP! printer.

It turned out very well except...

InMoov's left hand

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How to get rid of some excess stringing ?

- Spare parts

When you print using the support feature with a diferent temp setting for the support, the print head will constantly go to its rest position to change its temperature.
Doing so, it will deposit some stringing on the printed object.

Let's see if we can manage to find a solution for that...

Prime remover

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Testing a BfB3000 with dual extruders

- BfB 3000

For a complete week I have a dual head BfB3000 to test at home.
So let's see what this printer can do...

Woman sculpture in SU

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My second print : let's try the support feature

- Print

I'd like to see how the Rapman is going to handle a more complex object with overhangs...
For that second print I choosed this 3D scan object because I like it :

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