The old DesignSpark Mechanical forum where I posted quiet a few "Tips and Tricks" has completely disappeared.
It seems that this company doesn't care of their customers and have no respect to the people that contributed there, which is a BIG SHAME !
Because of such an inacceptable attitude, I won't write anymore tutorials about DS Mechanical and invite you to use other softwares.
I will let you know which other alternatives you have.

As I allready said SketchUp works very well with DS Mechanical apart from groups, components and mirrored geometries (see my previous post).

And SketchUp has a very easy to use "Text" tool to make 3D text in a minute and a few clicks in any police you want.

So I replied on the forum and suggested this solution :

  • Create your text in SketchUp
  • Save your file
  • Import your .skp file in DS Mechanical
  • Place your 3D text where you need it (move, rotate, scale)
  • Use the "Combine" tool to carve your text into your model

It's just as easy as that and only takes a few minutes !

And it can even be done on round surfaces by using the "Project" tool.

SketchUp text carved onto a DS solid model

SketchUp text carved onto a round surface